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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camwhoring Early Morning

Just fooling around with the new-found beauty in package => Loving Minerals (Click here)

Remember the last time I chat about Self-Reward dedicated on Mother's Day (Click here)

I got myself some Loving Minerals Makeup comprising of Mineral Foundation, Finishing Powder, All Over Radiance, Blusher & Lip Gloss.

All my life I've never put on any "Radiance" or some call it Bronzer, Enhancer, whatsoever & the purpose is to impart a soft glow, making any face appear young, refreshed and full of energy. Dust lightly all over face for a soft focus glow, or simply highlight cheekbones for a radiant look! (quoting from the former website).

Well, from my self-evaluation I do look glowing & despite my panda-eye (eyebag), it manage to provide full coverage all over my face & conceal my panda-eye & worn-out look due to lack of sleep. And, the lip gloss looks very light almost bare but in a picture it looks glowing. I've been using this product approximately 20 days at present, my face is no longer oily yet no dry at all, less break-out & looks very natural. On top of that, it 'feels' very light on my face!

Baby Hambali says:- My Mama just want to look pretty & having fun with me!

Disclaimer : Not a paid advertisement or rewarded review. Simply love it & want to share with others. ;P

10 Vis-a-vis:

azzamoro said...

i pun pakai loving mineralss... so satisfied..nanti nak blog pasal nih aaa.. hehe

BTW u look nice ah dgn make up tuh..

Hanz said...

Thank you Azza! Lurve to read your review soon!

nadnye said...

cantik cik Hanz.. bila dah habis mineral bodyshop I nak try loving mineral plak..

mamasita said...

Hanz?? You're such a pretty young mom! And anak you cutie-pie betul!

precious innocent said...

ala.. u cantik.. pakai ape pun cantik jugak..

cuba i pakai.. sure x cung.. huhu.. tp mcm nak try je la lipgloss dia.. hehe

-mama emma-

SOHO Mama said...

Pheeeewiiitttt...cun lahhh!
I pun belum try yg glowing glowing powder tu. Ada dapat free, sikit lah. Nanti nak try lah :)

Dayah said...

I'm very innocent when come to make up2 nih..but very nice on you la Hanz..

Hanz said...

To all Chit-Chatters...thanks for your compliment...I think makeup can do wonders so why not pamper yourself with one? Some sort of booster...alah...pompuan ngan kecantikan kan tak dapat dipisahkan.... :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

pretty :) so much talk on this loving mineral thing, best ke?

kakyong said...


sejak FTmommy ni, alat mekap seme ntah ke mana.. yg dirosakkan oleh anak2, seme sudah kubuang.. la ni pakai olay whitening jer.. malas dah nak tepek foundation or wahtsoever...

u muda lagi, no harm pakai utk nampak presentable.. lagipun takkan nak p kerja muka serebeh & pucat jer... :D

saper tak nak nampak lawa ooooiii..

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