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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Healthy Store

I like the fact when you purchase some stuff especially things that needs to be consume, the seller is the user. That's what My Healthy Store is all about. Great testimonial from great real-life of one happy user of the provider.

My Healthy Store offers 2 distribution of products, one is distributed by DCL and the other one by E.Excel. From DCL, there are Bidadari, Inteclense, Qshe, Nuage, Red Guara Cafe dan Madu Amazing. From E.Excel only Nutrifresh is being offered currently.

All the products available meant to assist our physical well-being and metabolism plus other benefits. Each one has specific of its ingredients and the purpose of its consumption. Although overall cater for women, it does provides products that can be taken for men and women as well.

Many consumers has been satisfied with their health investment and you can read their testimonials for each products at the respective store. And, if you are unsure whether that particular product would be suitable for you, feel free to ask Elyn about it.

Take care of your health and vitality and give a visit to My Healthy Store.

Disclaimer : An advertorial post as a token of appreciation to My Healthy Store as one of the sponsors of TheHoneybunch 2010 #1 Giveaway : Best Birthday Ever!

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